Textiles & Apparel

A transformative industry, building skills and infrastructure to accelerate the industrialisation of the region

Globally textiles and apparel generates more than $1.7 trillion annually and employs more than 300 million people. Thanks to preferential trade agreements, competitive manufacturing costs, improving infrastructure and locally available raw materials East Africa has become an increasingly attractive source destination for textiles and apparel.

Why Textiles & Apparel

It can create hundreds of thousands of jobs and improve incomes in the region.

The natural resources required for aquaculture such as clean fresh water, are in abundance

Commercial aquaculture in the region is young but the private sector shows dynamism and a keenness to invest.

There is increasing political buy-in.

There are strong opportunities for technology transfer and innovation.

"The textile and clothing industry can drive Africa’s industrial transformation and create some of the millions of jobs we need."

Africa Development Bank, 2018

Potential Industry Impact

By 2025







By 2030







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