We take an intelligence-led approach to strategic development, seeking new insights, testing new methodologies and sharing our learnings as we progress. We connect like-minded partners and stakeholders together to help build critical mass of activity and we also directly manage a range of activities.

Explore: We look internationally for models of sector growth to identify innovations and new technologies that can be used in East Africa.

Scan: We engage in continual data gathering to analyse the changing markets of the region.

Monitor: We amass industry-specific data to monitor on-going growth trends within our areas of focus.

Catalyse: We deploy a spectrum of market systems tools from direct firm capacity building to facilitating supporting environments for entrepreneurial growth.

Invest: We provide direct investment to pioneer firms and leverage external funds for rapid acceleration of technology transfer and industry growth.

Bring Market Information: We build consensus for action.

Use market information: We demonstrate opportunities and increase competitiveness among groups of businesses.

Technology transfer:  We link industries with expertise, frontier technology and innovation.


Proven models of economic transformation for an East African context

Msingi’s work in supporting economic development in East Africa is inspired by leading international organisations who play a pivotal role in transforming local and regional economies. We endeavour to leverage these learnings into on-the-ground practice that best suits the East African context.

Msingi builds close learning partnerships to understand how, at an organisational and industry level, we can play a highly effective role between the public and private sectors.

As an independent organisation, these learnings have informed the way we work, from alignment with governmental policy, development of ever-evolving flexible tools, the deployment of financing instruments, and the provision of technical assistance.

Broader opportunities for impact

Our strategic intent is to help industries grow employment and income opportunities for the benefit of the people of East Africa. We actively seek positive impact beyond just job and income creation. We pay particular attention to opportunities to promote: