Uganda Cotton, Textiles and Apparel Strategy takes shape

Uganda Cotton, Textiles and Apparel Strategy takes shape

Uganda’s strategy to harness its high potential cotton textiles and apparel sector is almost complete following the successful validation of the draft document in Kampala on August 7th, 2019.

Stakeholders drawn from various organizations that included farmers, the private sector, specialized government agencies like the Uganda Free Zones Authority and the Export Promotion Council, were walked through the strategy by experts who explained the huge opportunity in the CTA sector and outlined the key pillars of the strategy that, once successfully, should see Uganda transform its economy, create thousands of jobs and earn foreign exchange.

The strategy has been developed by the National Planning Authority over the past four months and has been facilitated by Msingi East Africa, a not-for-profit organizations that catalyses the growth of high-potential industries in East Africa.

During the exercise, Msingi organized a highly successful learning tour for the stakeholders to India and Sri Lanka. The delegation leader, Mr Michael Werikhe, described the learning tour as highly successful, “an eye-opener that has shown us exactly what we need to do to benefit from the sector and create jobs for our people”. Mr Werike is Uganda’s Minister of State for Trade.

Feedback from the validation exercise will be incorporated into the final document that will be launched in September.

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